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2023 Achievements, Thanks to you!

Here's the Latest at Pathways

As we enter the new year, Pathways is ready to expand our impact and continue transforming lives in our community. We're grateful for Forrest Emerson's leadership as board chair last year, which has set the stage for an exciting transition. We're thrilled to welcome Gary Simrill as our new board chair. His vision and leadership are key to our growth and positive impact. Check out the video above for more on what's next for Pathways.

2023 Achievements

In 2023, the Pathways Board Committees and Executive Director demonstrated an unwavering commitment to advancing our mission of collaboration. Driven by a problem-solving approach and a servant-leadership heart, they steered the organization towards significant achievements. This teamwork ensures that every project, program, act of service, and donation is executed effectively, maximizing its impact. For more details on our 2023 achievements, click the link below. We sincerely appreciate your past support, which has been vital to transforming lives, and your ongoing involvement remains crucial to our mission.

2023 Achievements
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Check out our new mural!

We encourage you to stop by our campus to view our beautiful new mural that really encompasses the work of our organization- one place, helping people in our community! Consider taking a photo or selfie in front of the mural and tagging us on FaceBook, @PathwaysCommunityCenter! 😀

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