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The Hope Center at Pathways, Serving 300+ Community Members Weekly

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

A huge part of Pathways Community Center is The Hope Center, a shelter and resource center that provides relief for clients. To assist clients through their previous element and forms of transition, The Hope Center houses showering facilities, food pantries, laundry services, computers, and weekly entertainment.

“I see The Hope Center as the heartbeat. Clients start up front at Pathways Community Center as the single point of entry, but most people are looking for housing, and they’re then filtered back to us and here is where it all happens,” said Dr. Warren C. Forster, Director of The Hope Center at Pathways.

With 60 or more clients entering the facility daily, volunteers are a very significant part of what keeps The Hope Center at Pathways thriving. “When I first started here, there were 10 to 12 volunteers. Volunteers are huge here. They are the catalyst,” Forster said.

With Jesus Christ always at the center, The Hope Center is driven by love and care for others, as it strives to move clients through a continuum of care. “The best part of my job is being able to pray for someone when they come to my office. Jesus loves you. I love you. And we want better for you,” Forster said.

The Hope Center is intentional on letting clients know how they have impacted the lives of those who are working on their behalf as well. “Being the Director of the Day center is very humbling…just to see people grow into a lifestyle they did not think was possible,” Forster said.

Ultimately, The Hope Center’s main goals are being an advocate for those in need, providing guidance, and helping to assist those in need to a brighter reality. “We do not ask why; we do not need to know why. I just need them to know that I can help,” Forster said… ‘We supply that hope and sometimes it’s something people don’t have when they come in.’ That’s the significance of Pathways.”

Editor: Shardai Figgures, Winthrop University student

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