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Remember Emmanuel?

In our 2021 Annual Report, we shared the story of Emmanuel who is now self-sufficient because of the continuum of care and support provided through the agency at Pathways Community Center. Here is the latest on his story!

Meet Emmanuel

A veteran in crisis who recently faced a heart-breaking divorce came through Pathways’ door seeking help. Upon assessing his needs, Pathways’ team guided him to each agency

to coordinate his journey. Because of supporters like you, Emmanuel landed a job, saved money, and moved from transitional housing located at Pathways to a permanent home.

He is now self-sufficient.

Here's the Latest on Emmanuel

Many of you support Pathways to help more people like Emmanuel become self-sufficient. He is doing well in his new home and he saved up money to purchase a car! During his free time, he comes to Pathways to mentor clients at Bethel Day Shelter. Occasionally, Emmanuel partners with Rock Hill Community Resource Officer, JC Whitesides, to assist in outreach efforts to connect the unsheltered homeless to Pathways.

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