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The Path to Pathways Community Center

Before September 2019, not only was there a growing population of chronically homeless and unemployed in the York County community, but there was a struggle for those in need to even navigate through the available resources. “When you are poor and broken and go to one agency for help, and then sent from agency to agency with $20 to last you for the next two pay periods, many people never get the help they need," said Grace Lewis, the Center

Director at Pathways Community Center.

Then came the creation of Pathways Community Center, a multifunctional, single point of entry facility, made up of business, church, government, and community leaders, all united to assist the lives of those in need of personal, spiritual, and financial assistance.

The vision of Pathways Community Center began in 2017 by a group of volunteers who saw a need and wanted to be a part of the change. Pathways serves as a facility and facilitator, connecting those in need with the proper assistance. “Pathways is a one-stop- shop where clients come to one door to get assistance in navigating the wonderful system of non-profit and services available. That is what makes us unique here. We help people by referring them to service providers to receive the services they need, whether it be a license or getting set up with SNAP benefits,” Lewis said.

It has been one year since its opening and Pathways Community Center has already shown

itself to be vital for the Community by raising nearly $1.3 million and serving over 2700 clients. Not only do the members of Pathway strive to aid and connect with those in need, but many relate to clients from personal experiences. “I was homeless. I remember what it was like to be desperate with two kids, not knowing where to go, and wondering who can help me,” Lewis said.

Above all, Pathways Community Center strives to be your guide when this thing called life

knocks you down. All of our work can be summed up with hope," Lewis said.

Editor: Shardai Figgures, Winthrop University student

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