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Homebound: Mr. Paul's Story

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Mr. Paul came to York County from Ohio 2 years ago with the hopes of starting a new life. But as we all know, life throws curveballs and situations spiraled him into the homeless system. Mr. Paul (willingly chose) to mostly live on the streets, with the occasional appearance in Bethel Men's Emergency Shelter. You may know Mr. Paul for his willingness to clean up litter around town and yelling at you to wear your face mask. He shared his heart to help feed his peers who were homeless when he barely had food to eat. Mr. Paul is selfless in many ways, just as much as he is bossy! On behalf of the Pathways collaborators who have worked 2 years with Mr. Paul, he is now safely home back in Ohio and starting a new life with his family. He's one less in the homeless system here in Rock Hill!

The collaborator's collective impact to get Mr. Paul home:

  1. Bethel Men's Shelter staff- provided a bed for Mr. Paul

  2. Bethel Day Shelter- provided a warm shower & respite for Mr. Paul

  3. RHPD- gave grace and assistance to Mr. Paul when he slept on the street

  4. Pathways' intake staff- empowered, and coordinated communication with Mr. Paul's family in Ohio

  5. House of Agape- fed Mr. Paul

  6. Alston Wilkes Society- got Mr. Paul identification and purchased his ticket home

It's a long process (JOURNEY), but without a collaborative approach, Mr. Paul would still be one more in our homeless system.

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