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News Update 

As you may have heard, the ROC board informed Pathways on Tuesday of the ROC’s decision to close its day shelter operation. Pathways is saddened to learn of this development, but is greatly appreciative of the service that the ROC has provided over the years to the homeless in our community.
Pathways believes this day shelter operation is critical, and Pathways’ board has approved sustaining this operation in the near-term beginning Thursday, October 24th. Pathways will meet with representatives from the City, County, local businesses and churches, and local service organizations in an effort to reach a consensus on how to operate the day shelter going forward.
We now need our churches and leaders to come together more than ever! Please join us as we seek to see the Lord redeem this situation and do a miracle for our community. Here are some practical things you can do starting today:
•  Mobilize prayer- would you consider sharing the needs and the challenges we face with your congregations and invite them to pray for the hundreds of people in our community who don't have a roof over their heads. Perhaps you could get your small groups, staff, Sunday School classes, youth groups, men's groups, women's groups, and children's ministries praying for God to not only supply the needs for a day shelter, but all the other needs for emergency shelter, affordable housing, and supportive services to help people get off the streets and into a stable living situation.
•  Encourage generosity- as the year draws to a close, would you consider encouraging your congregants not only to tithe to the local church, but also to give offerings to ministries serving widows, orphans, the poor, etc. in our community. Some churches are doing an end of the year offering around Christmas and Thanksgiving. We know that with the Lord there is more than enough.
•  Raise up volunteers- volunteers are needed on a regular basis to serve as receptionists and greeters.  In addition, PATHWAYS is hosting a Service Saturday, November 2nd to help upkeep and maintain the community center. For those interested in helping, please email Grace Lewis, PATHWAYS Director, at
•  Join the conversation- let us know if you want to work with others in the community to come up with long term solutions.
Thank you for all you do! We are truly blessed to be on this faith journey with you all!