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Pathways Community Center acts as a network hub to assist your needs if you are homeless or in poverty. We host service providers that offer free resources and programs. Your journey begins here. Here is how our Intake Specialists can help you.....


Marilyn Wilson

Coordinated Entry:

Intake Specialist


Wanda Hodges

Coordinated Entry:

Intake Specialist


Provide a compassionate and listening ear to identify health and social needs


Identify eligible resources, services or programs

and provide referrals

Warm Handoff

Introduce and connect the client to the service providers who offer care coordination

Follow Up

Ensure the client follows up and the service providers meet the client's needs and track outcomes

Pathways Coordinated Entry can not provide financial assistance, provide housing vouchers or hotel vouchers, provide immediate shelter (some shelters have waitlists), or provide transportation, bus passes or moving services.

Copy of Resource Wheel (2).png

Free resources, services, and programs offered by the providers at our Hub:

Pathways Map.png
Volunteers Packing Food

The Manna House Pantry

Soup Kitchen

House of Agape

Psychology Patient

Catawba Mental Health

Parks Insurance

Medical Team

Keystone Substance Abuse 

Teen Prayer Group

FAVOR Piedmont (Faces and Voices of Recovery)

Students Taking Note

The Haven Men's Shelter

Donation Boxes

Bethel Day Shelter

Youth Counseling

Alston Wilkes Society

Bible discussion group

Carolina Community Actions, Inc.

Colleagues Working in Office

South Carolina Works


The Life House

US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage

Veterans Bridge Home

Woman with Bible

South Carolina Christian Foundation


No Sad Story Ministry


Victory Gardens International

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